PEPPER enables your team to participate in training exercises via a web application that utilizes the best of current technologies. Elevate your team to the next level by sharing knowledge around.


Whether to learn about the product you're selling or enhancing your communication skills, PEPPER can provide different types of exercises, while you are at your desk or on the go.


Features allow you to review your peers responses, allowing you to learn from them or providing them with helpful feedback.  Teamwork at play even if members are in different geographical locations. 


Leaders nurture the individual and team success by imparting knowledge as you monitor the members' performance.  A leaderboard race can promote a fun, healthy competition. Reward consistency and quality.  

Brisk, Regular Training


Ready to take you team to the next level?  PEPPER can provide quick training exercises that will get your team in regular practice and constant learning about things that matter most to your organization's growth.

Use It Anywhere

PEPPER is a mobile web application with training assignments delivered straight to your smart device.  Use it while on your desk or on the go! 


Sharing of Knowledge


Listen or read some of your teammates' responses.  Review them and provide productive suggestions while knowledge is spread around across the organization.

Fun, Healthy Competition

See how the whole team is doing!  Each team member's progress is tracked on a leaderboard where you can compare your daily, weekly, or monthly scores.  Having fun while being competitive.  


Coach and Manage


Track the performance of your group.  Provide suggestions for improvements or reinforce top performers' responses.  Highlight top responses by sharing them with the whole team.  Strengthen your team more and nurture future mentors by providing educational feedback on peer reviews.



A Few of Our Clients


Some of the best organizations have used PEPPER for their training delivery needs.